Our cargo bike

We designed our cargo bike with one goal in mind: Safety

The idea behind Urban Wheelz Cargo originates from the belief that current cargo bikes are not that functional, comfortable and efiicient as they should be. We put much effort in our product to make it better than competition. We believe we have built a product that will sell it selve. We focus on quality of the product and not the quantity we want to produce.

We do not want the fast sale, we take care of our product first. That helped us in keeping the sales price  low, despite the use of high quality parts. In short: we believe that it is possible to innovate and at the same time stay competitive. What a story to belief in !

Safety and quality combined with a cool design

With a passion for innovation and continuous improvement, we work daily on the best electric cargo Bike.

Safety and quality combined with a cool design

Safety is paramount. The rider gets the feeling that the cargo bike is completely 'in control'. This is primarily due to the stability and stiffness of the frame. The bike remains stable even in a sharp turn, with three wheels always in contact with the ground. In the second place due to the hydraulic brakes, which means that the bike also stands still quickly and stably when braking at high speed. Our cargo is the only one that has passed an ISO brake test for 3-wheel cargo bikes in 2017. And certainly not least because of the design of the inside of the bucket: Very safe seat belts and no sharp screws and bolts on the inside. Being stable and safe for us.


The bicycle is built around the most high-quality components: that gives stability and safety. The most important advantage: Go cycling on our bike and feel what being in control means.

  • Strong 250W Bafang Mid Motor
  • Enviolo 380 mechanical gear (automatic gear is an option)
  • 17.5 Ah / 36 V battery (21 Ah / 36 V battery is an option)
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes according to ISO 4210
  • Frame with gas suspension for stability and comfort
  • Lighting with day and night sensor
  • No screws and bolts on the inside of the container, for extra comfort and safety
  • Can be parked on the nose and requires only 1 m2 of surface area
  • Two soft cushions
  • Gates belt chain is an option
  • Rain cover is an option