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Our beliefs

What we’re all about

The idea for the Urban Wheelz Cargo originated from the belief that current cargo bikes are not as functional, comfortable and efficient as they should be. This led the team to develop a new bike. We put so much time and effort into our product, that we feel it is superior to the competition. Hence the previous, we think marketing will not be necessary to sell our product. We focus on the quality of the product and not on the quantity we produce. This is why we do not want to sell as fast as possible, but to sell as much as we can produce with care. This also helped us greatly reduce the sales price to be competitive even with the use of our expensive, high quality parts. In short: We believe that it is possible to be innovative and push the envelope on what is possible while staying competitive, is that not a philosophy to believe in?


Het idee van de Urban Wheelz Cargo kwam voort vanuit de overtuiging dat bakfietsen veel problemen hebben die opgelost kunnen worden met innovatie. Met de hulp van een student van de TU Delft zijn al deze problemen opgelost, resulterende in een veiligere en efficiëntere fiets. We zijn constant bezig met het verbeteren van onze productieprocessen en verfijnen de fiets om u een goede ervaring te kunnen bezorgen!


Local production

At Urban Wheelz Cargo we stand by our principals. One of the principals in which we believe, is that quality bikes should be manufactured locally. The reason we believe this is that local production allows you to oversee the processes, keep all processes in check and running optimally. We also think that too many jobs are being shipped to countries overseas. For this reason and due to this belief, we want to support our own community by providing local people with work instead of giving the jobs away to foreign countries outside of Europe.

Local production

High quality parts

Here at Urban Wheelz Cargo we believe that a product should have the highest possible quality. To accomplish this, we have decided to incorporate the best parts that we could find, in Urban Wheelz Cargo bicycles to ensure long durability, maximum comfort and optimal functionality. We also decided to use innovative solutions in combination with these high quality parts to make the product as valuable as possible for you as our customer!

High quality parts



We offer you 2 years of warranty on the Urban Wheelz Cargo, including the electronic parts. However, do not forget that a bicycle needs periodic maintenance. It is the owner’s responsibility that the bike gets regular and proper maintenance. This requirement has to be met in order to be eligible for a 2-year warranty. Periodic maintenance can only be done by a professional bicycle mechanic and maintenance invoices must be shown as proof of service.

Klanten handleiding

At Urban Wheelz Cargo we want to make sure our customers can find the right information when they need it. That is why we incorporated the bike manuals below.

Click the links below to download the manuals:

Battery Safety instructions
Charger manual
Max Drive
Technical owner manual
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Our model

Urban Wheelz Cargo


€ 3699,- Download flyer Request test drive



Urban Wheelz Cargo

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  • 24 months warranty on complete bike
  • Rain cover
  • 2 soft seats
  • Abus frame lock
  • 100% assembled, ride ready!


At Urban Wheelz Cargo we believe that the price of a product should represent the quality and features that you receive. To accomplish this, we have decided to minimize marketing efforts in order to reduce costs. We also decided to use innovative solutions to make the product more valuable to our customers. We have managed to accomplish this increase in value for our customers in the areas of: storage space needed to store our product, safety, efficiency, and many more! All of this makes it possible to sell our product at a very competitive price. This money will buy you a high end luxurious, high quality Cargo Bike. That’s a deal you cannot refuse!

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